International Wholesale
Data Services

Responsibilities / Areas of Cooperation:

  • Sell national data and network services to our partners in foreign countries (incumbents, alternative carriers, ISPs,...)
  • Procure and arrange international services for external and internal customers of ST – cooperation with partners in foreign countries
  • Purchase of telecommunication services for ST (e.g. IP Transit, capacities)
  • Transmission network administration - capacity planning, optimization, implementation of changes, with internal departments and partners in foreign countries

ST International Data Services portfolio

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In Slovakia:

  • Carrier Link
  • Carrier Backbone
  • Carrier Ethernet
  • SLA (Standard and Premium)
  • ISP Connect
  • Carrier Housing
  • Carrier MPLS

In Ukraine:

  • International Leased Line;
  • IP Connect;
  • Wholesale voice services (IP, PSTN);
  • CPE rental (Cisco routers) incl. Cisco Smartnet;
  • SLA.